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Marc Doumit
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (uOttawa)
M.Eng. (uOttawa)
B.A.Sc. (uOttawa)

CBY A-214
613-562-5800 ext. 6285


Dr. Doumit received his Engineering Management Masters and Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa in 2003 and 2009, respectively. Subsequently, he joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Ottawa as an Assistant Professor.

Over the years, Dr. Doumit has developed and taught a wide range of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering courses such as Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (MCG 1100), Introduction to Design (MCG 2101), Biological and Engineering Material (MCG 2141), Biomechanics (MCG 3141), Biocontrol Systems (MCG 3142), Design of Artificial Joint and Implants (MCG 4151) and Computer Aided Design Capstone Project course for the Biomedical Mechanical Engineering program (MCG 4322).

Dr. Doumit's doctoral research consisted of characterizing, modeling and designing a distinct soft linear mechanical actuator (Pneumatic Artificial Muscle) for biomedical application. His research contribution was awarded national and international conference prizes. Presently, Dr. Doumit's primary research interest lies in the field of Biomechatronics. This is an applied interdisciplinary science field that brings together mechanical, biomechanics, electronics and physiological expertise to develop exceptional systems. In particular, Dr. Doumit is currently developing human mobility enhancement devices such as exoskeletons and bionic limb prostheses/orthoses to enhance the mobility of healthy users and individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, Dr. Doumit’s research focuses on developing distinct technologies used solely by mobility devices such as artificial muscle and ligaments to enhance the feasibility and performance of mobility devices.

Interested in graduate studies in the Biomechatronics field? Please contact [email protected] Please note that International Students must have their own funding.

Research interests

  • Artificial muscles
  • Exoskeletons
  • Prosthetic and orthotic limbs
  • Bio-Inspired Designs
  • Smart sensors
  • Dynamic systems
  • System controls
  • System identification