Liam Peyton
Liam Peyton
Emeritus professor


MNO N205


I joined the Faculty of Engineering in September 2002 and transitioned to emeritus status as of January 2024.  I was vice-dean graduate studies for the Faculty of Engineering (2018–22), director of graduate programs in digital transformation and innovation (2013–2016) and associate director for software engineering (2012–2016).

Before joining the faculty, I had 10 years’ industry experience as an independent consultant specializing in innovation, knowledge transfer and mentoring. My projects were directed at specific industries (government, health care, telecommunications and online retail) as they adopted new technology to automate and manage business processes. I continue to mentor Ottawa-based entrepreneurs, startup companies and the Faculty of Engineering student-run Professional Development Club.

My main area of research interest is model-driven data integration and mobile app development, to support business process automation and performance management for health care and other industries. This includes user-experience design, cloud computing, data analytics, AI, quality assurance content management and privacy.

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