The Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences is home to researchers who investigate health, longevity and disease using interdisciplinary methodologies, approaches and perspectives. Research areas of interest include integrative health biosciences, population health and health technologies.

Integrative Health Biosciences

Supported by new laboratory infrastructure at the Roger Guindon Pavillion campus, ISHS researchers conduct investigations into environmental, developmental, and aging-related modulations of (patho) physiological processes that define life trajectory. Major areas of research include mitochondrial medicine, environmental toxicology, cardiovascular genetics, neuroscience and reproductive health. Our biosciences professors bring their research excellence to the undergraduate and graduate classrooms, enabling students to appreciate design, experimental processes, methodological and technological innovations association with integrative health biosciences research.

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Yan Burelle
Shannon Bainbridge
James Gomes
Anne Konkle
Keir Menzies
Karen Phillips
Frédérique Tesson

Population Health - Social Health Sciences

ISHS researcher study many aspects of population health including experiences of illness, chronic disease interventions, aging and longevity, quality of life, reproductive health and community health.  As the administrative home to the Population Health PhD program, our researchers recognize the determinants of health, develop strategies to prevent illness, promote health and wellbeing and measure health inequities, both in Canada and globally.

To learn more about research in population health, health methodologies and chronic disease, click on the links below:

Raymond Baillargeon
Raywat Deonandan
Angel Foster
Linda Garcia
Jeff Jutai
Isabelle Marcoux
Karen Phillips
Lara Pilutti
Tracey O`Sullivan

Health Technology

Health technology research is very interdisciplinary, encompassing the fields of computing science, engineering, cognition, mobility, neuroscience, rehabilitation, and psychology. The Assistive technologies, biomedical engineering, medical augmented reality, neuroimaging and dual-task performance assessment are examples of innovative research from our professors.

To learn more about research in health technology, click on the links below:

Pascal Fallavollita
Sarah Fraser
Jeff Jutai
Jason Steffener