Canada Water Agency: Multisectorial Issues of Law and Governance

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Canada Water Agency: Multisectorial Issues of Law and Governance
In the late 2020, in order to adapt to climate change and to better protect freshwater, the federal government proposed to create a Canada Water Agency.

This announcement marked a possible historic turning point. In fact, it has been more than 50 years since the last federal legislative initiative regarding national water management. The structure of the Canada Water Agency, its mission, and the operationalization of its objectives have yet to be defined. The creation of this new federal agency provides an opportunity to analyze the legislation, policies, and operations of existing water management, conservation, and regulatory organizations in Canada and internationally. It is also an occasion to critically examine the process of creating this new agency.

This book consists of papers based on the national conference presented by the University of Ottawa’s Forum on Water Law and Governance. Written by experts in various fields of law and governance, these chapters address freshwater from Indigenous, municipal, international, ecosystemic, intergovernmental, and agricultural perspectives. It also provides considerations related to the institutional development of the Canada Water Agency.

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