mark james
Mark James

Mark James graduated cum laude from the English Common JD program with the Option in Environmental Law in 2014. He is currently adjunct faculty at Vermont Law School (VLS) and a Senior Fellow in the Institute of Energy and the Environment. 

After graduation from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, Mark received a Global Energy Fellowship at VLS during which he completed an LL.M in Energy Law. After completing his LL.M, Mark was hired as an Assistant Professor at VLS, a position he held from 2016 through 2019 during which he developed and taught residential classes on energy law and policy and energy efficiency. He currently oversees the development of new courses for VLS’online energy program.    

As a Senior Research Fellow, Mark leads research projects focused on legal and policy issues arising during the transition to a clean energy system. His current research focuses on improving the cybersecurity of the electricity grid, optimizing governance systems of wholesale electric markets, and enhancing low-income energy efficiency programs through data analytics. His prior work included updating building codes to allow for peel-and-stick solar panels and integrating energy efficiency scores into real estate multiple listing services.   

Mark traces his interest in public interest law and education to his time at uOttawa. While in law school, Mark, along with two colleagues, founded the Canadian Association of Environmental Law Societies (CAELS) to bring together Canadian environmental law students to network with academics, practitioners, and the public to discuss emerging issues in the field of environmental law. A co-chair of the 2013 and 2014 national conferences, he experienced the value of collaboration and communication, a lesson that continues to direct his career path.