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Student Clubs and Associations

Student Clubs and Associations.

Environmental Law Students’ Association (ELSA) – Common Law

ELSA is committed to enhancing legal protections for the environment, promoting environmental justice, and raising awareness of the field of environmental law. Our activities include hosting guest speakers, debates, and open-forum discussions on current issues in environmental law; carrying out research for lawyers and organizations addressing environmental legal issues; networking with students and environmental legal advocates; and conducting educational events such as information tables and video screenings on environmental issues. 

Facebook, Instagram: @uottawaelsa

Contact: [email protected]

Association du droit de l’environnement (ADEUO) – Civil Law

ADEUO's mission is to raise awareness about the environment and its legal issues through activities, podcasts, and articles. It also serves as a community pillar for green action on campus by leading by example with innovative green practices and informing the student community about environmental issues.

Facebook, Instagram: @adeuo.uottawa

Contact:  [email protected]

Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA)

ILSA has been a community for Indigenous law students at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law for many years. We’ve long been dedicated to fostering a community, putting on events, and gaining recognition within colonial legal spaces. As the ILSA was historically regarded as a “club” under the Faculty’s Common Law Student Society, ILSA members began to envision a new future for our community. We wanted to be recognized as a community representing our land, our traditions, and our Iaws. On November 12, 2020, our motion to become an Indigenous self-governing body was unanimously passed, and the Indigenous Law Students Governance (ILSG) was born.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @ilsguottawa

Contact: [email protected]

Société étudiante de droit international (SÉDI) – Civil Law

SÉDI is dedicated to enriching the understanding of the field of international law by creating events that promote the advancement of the fundamental objectives of international law, including human rights, international humanitarian law, international investment law, international development, and environmental protection.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: @sedi.ftx

Contact: [email protected]

Association des étudiants noirs en droit (AÉND) – Civil Law

AÉND was founded with the premise of improving the status of Black students in our law school. Ever since then, our primary mission has been to promote the inclusion and visibility of Black people in the legal profession, both academically and professionally. We have had the opportunity to showcase several inspiring legal professionals and have made mental health a focal point. Our founder, Ruth Bansoba, created the Bansoba Scholarship to encourage young blacks to consider a career in law by providing financial assistance for their first year of study. 

Facebook, LinkedIn: Association des Étudiants Noirs en Droit de UOttawa - Section droit civil

Instagram: @aend.dc

Contact: [email protected]

UOSO Sustainability Centre

The UOSU takes climate change seriously and the Sustainable Development Centre has successfully asked uOttawa to make changes towards an environmentally sustainable future (like the campaign against plastic bottles!). We work towards a waste-free, low-carbon campus life that supports local businesses and applies an intersectional lens to environmentalism.


Facebook, Instagram: @uo.durable.sustain.centre

Contact: [email protected]