Welcome to the Undergraduate Education in Anesthesiology section. The University of Ottawa Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine has a long and strong tradition of education in both French and English.

The University of Ottawa Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine contributes to many aspects of undergraduate medical education (UGME) at both the clerkship and pre-clerkship levels.

In pre-clerkship, we organize and provide a week-long program on pain management as part of the UGME curriculum.  We also provide tutors for Case Based Learning sessions, skills workshops, and E-portfolio. Observership and research opportunities in anesthesia are available for pre-clerkship students. 

In clerkship, we host a two-week mandatory rotation in anesthesiology during the Acute Care Medicine block. We also provide elective opportunities in anesthesiology for clerkship students locally and from other Universities in Canada.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to helping you explore Anesthesiology at the University of Ottawa.

Jennifer Chow, MD
Director of UGME Anesthesiology (Francophone)

Michael Szeto, MD
Director of UGME Anesthesiology (Anglophone)

Pre-clerkship Observerships

Observership opportunities are available for pre-clerkship students from the University of Ottawa.  Students are booked with an anesthesiologist over one or two days to observe anesthesia practice.  There is no expectation to participate in clinical care.  Observerships expose students to anesthesiology early in their medical training and are useful for career exploration. You are most likely to secure Observerships between the months of March-August when our learner numbers are down.

Placement sites include The Ottawa Hospital (Civic or General Campus'), The Montfort Hospital (Francophone), The Ottawa Heart Institute and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. 

All Observerships must be registered with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine.

To book an Observership, please contact the UGME Anesthesia Coordinator, Jo-Anne Villeneuve  ([email protected]).

Clerkship Electives in Anesthesiology

Electives in anesthesiology are available at the University of Ottawa for clerkship students from Canadian Universities throughout the year.  Electives are booked in two week blocks.  Electives can be booked at our various sites, including:

  • The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic or General Campus – Anglophone Adult Anesthesia & Chronic Pain Electives

  • Montfort- Francophone Adult Anesthesia Electives
  • Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)- Pediatric Anesthesia Electives
  • Heart Institute (HI)- Cardiac Anesthesia Electives

To learn more about the process of applying through the University of Ottawa, please visit here to plan an elective.

Research Opportunities in Pre- Clerkship Anesthesiology

Research opportunities may be available in anesthesia to pre-clerkship students.

Medical students interested in research opportunities are encouraged to send their cv and cover letter to Natalie Aucoin, Research Coordinator at [email protected].

Electives in Anesthesiology for Medical Students

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine offers electives in adult, pediatric and cardiac anesthesiology for third and fourth year medical students. We have a total of 50 positions available at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), the Montfort Hospital (French), the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI). These rotations are quite popular and, unfortunately, we have to limit the number of students to provide all of our students and residents with an optimal experience.

All University of Ottawa students must apply directly through the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Please contact Jo-Anne Villeneuve, UGME Coordinator, at [email protected].