Over the last decade our department has grown from strength to strength with regard to quality and quantity of research and we are now recognized as one of the strongest departments across the country. Learn more about our Annual Gary Johnson Research Day.

Annual Gary Johnson Anesthesiology Research Day

Since 1972, the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of Ottawa has held an annual event to recognize and celebrate the research successes of residents, fellows and other trainees affiliated with our university department. Established as "Review Day" in 1972, this department research day was subsequently renamed Gary Johnson Research Day in honour of Dr. Gary Johnson, our first Anesthesiology Residency Program Director (1971-1987), as well as University of Ottawa Department of Anesthesiology Chair from 1975-1987.

The focus of Gary Johnson Research Day is trainee presentations. Currently, submissions are ranked through a competitive peer review process, with top abstracts granted podium presentations. Other submissions are recognized through brief presentations. Each year, the top three podium presentations receive awards based on the scientific and oratorical merits of their work. You may view past award recipients and topics on our website. Following research presentations, a presentation from a distinguished visiting professor provides a close to the research day’s events. 

Dr. Gary Johnson
Dr. Gary Johnson

GJRD Award Recipients and Topics

Gary Johnson Research Day Visiting Professor List

May24, 2024Dr. Duminda Wijeysundera, University of Toronto
May 19, 2023Dr. Ahani Perlas, University of Toronto
May 13, 2022Dr. Dolores McKeen, Memorial University of Newfoundland
May 14, 2021No VP/Coronavirus Pandemic
May 15,2020No VP/Coronavirus Pandemic
May 10, 2019Dr. Mark Neuman, University of Pennsylvania
May 11, 2018Dr. De QH Tran, McGill University
May 12, 2017Dr. Mark Warner, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
May 6, 2016Dr. Ramani Moonesinghe, University College London
May 8, 2015Dr. Alain Deschamps, University of Montréal
May 9, 2014Dr. Neal Badner, University of British Columbia
May 10, 2013Dr. Jan Davies, University of Calgary
May 11, 2012Dr. Andreas Laupacis, University Of Toronto
May 13, 2011Dr. David Mcknight, University Of Toronto
May 14, 2010Dr. Jerrod Lerman, Rochester Medical, Mn
May 8, 2009Dr. Vincent Chan, University Of Toronto
May 9, 2008Dr. Viren Naik, University Of Toronto
May 11, 2007Dr. Peter Choi, University Of British Columbia
May 12, 2006Dr. C. David Mazer, University Of Toronto
May 13, 2005Dr. Ian Gilron, Queen's University
May 14, 2004Dr. Brian Warriner, Univ. Of British Columbia
May 14, 2003Dr. David Is Parsons, University Of British Columbia
May 15, 2002Dr. David Mcknight, University Of Toronto
May 16, 2001Dr. Neil Donen, University Of Manitoba
May 17, 2000Dr. Ralph Yarnell, Tufts University
May 19, 1999Dr. Tom Coonan, Professor And Chairman, Department Of Anaesthesia,Dalhousie Univeristy
May 20, 1998Dr. Frank King, Department Of Anesthesia, Memorial University
May 20, 1997Dr. Frances Chung, Department Of Anaesthesia, University Of Toronto
May 15, 1996Dr. Peter Duncan, Professor And Chairman, Dept. Of Anaesthesia, Queen's University
May 17, 1995Dr. Peter Duke, Professor, Dept. Of Anaesthesia, University Of Manitoba
May 18, 1994Dr. John Murkin, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Anaesthesia, University Of Western Ontario
May 19, 1993Dr. Richard Hall, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Anaesthesia, Dalhousie University
May 13, 1992Dr. B. Finucane, Professor And Head, Dept. Of Anaesthesia, University Of Alberta
May 15, 1991Dr. Robert Byrick, Associate Professor Of Anaesthesia, Univeristy Of Toronto
May 23, 1990Dr. Pierre Tetrault, University Of Sherbrooke
May 17, 1989Dr. Bruce Smith, Associate Professor, Mcgill University