Donald Husereau
Donald Husereau
Adjunct Professor

BSc, Pharm, MSc

DON HUSEREAU works with private and public sector life sciences organizations to help them understand the value of health technology and its implications for health and innovation policy. He has authored extensive work on the role and value of innovation, including commissioned reports for the Health Canada’s Federal Commission on Innovation (the Naylor Commission), the Canadian Institute of Health Information, Health Canada, the CD Howe Institute, and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health. He is currently Chair of an International Task Force that has developed consolidated health economic evaluation reporting standards (CHEERS) that is now endorsed by leading biomedical and health policy journals. As an expert in health economics and health technology assessment, Don is currently an Editorial Advisor for the biomedical journals, Pharmacoeconomics and BMC Medicine. He is also currently a Senior Associate of Alberta's Institute of Health Economics.

Selected Publications (past 5 years)

Staniszewska S, Jakab I, Low E, Mossman J, Posner P, Husereau D, et al. Commentary: Advocating for patient and public involvement and engagement in health economic evaluation. Res Involv Engagem. 2023;9:45.

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Research interests

  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Effective Health Services Based on Sound Scientific Evidence and Equitable Health Policy
  • Drug Reimbursement Policy
  • Evidence Synthesis and Extrapolation