Dr. Jacqueline Carnegie

Dr. Jacqueline Carnegie
Dr. Jacqueline Carnegie
Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

BSc Biology, University of Ottawa
MSc Biology, University of Ottawa
PhD Biology, Carleton University
MEd Post-Secondary Education, Memorial University

Roger Guindon Hall room 3105L
613-562-5800 ext. 8072


Teaching focus

Development of Online Learning and Self-Testing Tools

Teaching Strategies to Engage Students Enrolled in Large Classes


 Dr. Carnegie conducted independent research pertaining to early embryonic development at the Loeb Research Institute and subsequently at Agriculture Canada. She joined the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in 1997 and since that time has been teaching a broad range of topics in anatomy,

physiology, and pathophysiology to undergraduate students registered in the Faculties of Health Sciences, Science and Medicine. She is the Anglophone Co-Chair of Foundations and the Director of Undergraduate Education for the Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine.

Research interests

 Dr. Carnegie’s research focuses on the development on online learning and self-testing tools that will actively engage students as they strive to understand the structure and function of the human body in both health and disease. She has been fortunate to have a number of undergraduate students through both the Faculty of Medicine summer studentship program and the undergraduate research opportunity program (UROP) who have contributed both their creativity and hard work to these projects. She is currently producing a number of patient-centered videos to support the study of pathophysiology and developing an online game to promote improved understanding of the health consequences of diabetes.

Teaching accomplishments

 Dr. Carnegie has been fortunate to be recognized for her teaching efforts by the University of Ottawa Award for Excellence in Teaching, the University of Ottawa Excellence in Education Award and, most recently, a Chair in University Teaching.  She has also received the Canadian Association of Medical Education (CAME) Merit Award in recognition of her work with the undergraduate medical curriculum.

Grant support

Dr. Carnegie’s research into the development and implementation of online learning and self-testing tools has been funded by the Faculty of Medicine, the Centre for University Teaching, and the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.

Research interests

  • Design of online learning and self-testing tools for medical and health sciences education