Dr. Katia Mohindra

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Dr. Katia Mohindra (she/her)
Adjunct Professor
Independent Research Consultant
Subaltern Health


Selected publications

  • Mohindra K.S. (2021). Globalization and Global Health. In: Haring R., Kickbusch I., Ganten D., Moeti M. (eds) Handbook of Global Health. Springer, Cham. 
  • M Thresia, CU., Srinivas, PN., Mohindra, KS., Jagadeesan, CK. (2020). Health of Indigenous populations in South Asia: A critical review at a critical time. International Journal of Health Services. Published online ahead of print.
  • Mohindra, KS. (2019). The price of a woman: Re-examining the use of financial incentives for women's health in India. Global Public Health.12(14), 1793-1802. 
  • Mohindra, KS and Mukherjee, S. (2018) Can short-term economic policies hurt the health of the poor? Demonetisation in India. International Journal of Health Services, 48(3), 482-494.
  • Mohindra, KS. (2017) Research and the health of Indigenous populations in low and middle-income countries. Health Promotion International. 32, 3: 581-6.
  • Birhane, T, Shiferaw, S, Hagos, S, Mohindra, KS. (2014). Urban food insecurity in the context of high food prices: a community based cross-sectional study in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. BMC Public Health,14: 680.
  • Mohindra, KS, Narayana, Anushreedha, SS, D.,Haddad, S. (2011). Alcohol use and its consequences in South India: views from a marginalised tribal population. Drug and Alcohol Dependence,117:70-73.
  • Mohindra, KS, Ridde, V. (2010) Canada’s role in global health: Guiding principles for a growing research agenda. Canadian Foreign Policy, 15 (3): 106-115.  

Research interests

  • Global Health
  • Marginalisation and health
  • Mixed Methods