Dr Lisa Calder
Dr. Lisa Calder
Affiliate Investigator, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

613-798-5555 ext. 17484



  • A Multicenter Prospective Cohort STudy of Adverse Events among Patients Discharged with Sentinel Cardiovascular Emergency Department Diagnoses (CarE)
  • Improving the Safety of Patients who Present to the Emergency Department with Respiratory Distress: an Analysis of Adverse Events
  • Implementation of A Structured Emergency Medicine Mortality and Morbidity Rounds Model – an Interventional Study
  • The Efficacy of Phone Follow-up in Reducing Adverse Events in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Project
  • A Visual Enhancement of Emergency Department Team Communication: Development of an ED Team Situational Display – Phase II: Optimizing Emergency Department Resuscitations Using a Technological Cognitive Aid – the Situational Awareness Display
  • Handover in the Emergency Department: Assessment and Implementation of Standardized Tool
  • Disposition Decision Making Study Phase 1-3 

    Phase 1: How do Emergency Physicians Make Discharge Decisions?

    Phase 2: Experiential and Rational Decision Making: A Survey to Determine How Emergency Physicians Make Clinical Decisions

    Phase 3: Mapping Out the Disposition Decision for High Acuity Emergency Patients


  • 2015 CAEP Teacher of the year award
  • 2015 Dr. Adam Cwinn Award for Excellence in Patient Safety & Quality

Team members

  • Ria De Gorter, Research Assistant