Dr. Marina Sokolova

Dr. Marina Sokolova
Dr. Marina Sokolova
Adjunct Professor
Institute for Big Data Analytics (IBDA), Dalhousie University

PhD, MSc


Selected publications:

  • Marina Sokolova and Stan Matwin, “Privacy by Design”, in G. Comandé (editor), Encyclopaedia of Law and Data Science, Edward Elgar, UK, 2022 
  • YuanZheng Hu, Marina Sokolova. Explainable Multi-class Classification of the CAMH COVID-19 Mental Health Data 2021.  https://arxiv.org/abs/2105.13430
  • Ahmad Pesaranghader, Stan Matwin, Marina Sokolova, Ali Pesaranghader.deepBioWSD: effective deep neural word sense disambiguation of biomedical text data, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 26 (5), 438-446, 2019.
  • Qufei Chen and Marina Sokolova, Word2Vec and Doc2Vec in Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis of Clinical Discharge Summaries, 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1805.00352
  • Marina Sokolova, Big Text Advantages and Challenges: Classification Perspective, I. J. Data Science and Analytics 5(1):1-10 (2018). Invited article.
  • Yasser Jafer, Stan Matwin, Marina Sokolova, A Multi-dimensional Privacy-aware Evaluation Function in Automatic Feature Selection, Transactions on Data Privacy 10, 145-174, 2017.
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  • Ahmad Pesaranghader, Stan Matwin, Marina Sokolova and Robert G. Beiko “simDEF: definition-based semantic similarity measure of gene ontology terms for functional similarity analysis of genes”, Bioinformatics 32(9), p.p. 1380 – 1387, Oxford, 2016.
  • Naveen Kumar Parachur Cotha and Marina Sokolova, “Multi-Label Learning in Classification of Patients’ Quasi-Identifiers”, Progress in Artificial Intelligence, 4 (3–4), p.p. 37 – 48, Springer, 2015.
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  • Tanveer Ali, David Schramm, Marina Sokolova, Diana Inkpen.Can i hear you? Sentiment analysis on medical forums.Proceedings of the 6th International Joint Conference on Natural LanguageProcessing.2013.
  • Marina Sokolova and Guy Lapalme, “Learning opinions in user-generated Web content”, Journal of Natural Language Engineering, Cambridge University Press, 17(4), pp. 541–567, 2011.
  • Khaled El Emam, Emilio Neri, Elizabeth Jonker, Marina Sokolova, Liam Peyton, Angelica Neisa, Teresa Scasa,“The Inadvertent Disclosure of Personal Health Information through Peer-to-peer File Sharing Pro- grams”, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 17, p.p. 148–158, BMJ Publishing Group, 2010.
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  • Marina Sokolova, Nathalie Japkowicz, Stan Szpakowicz.Beyond accuracy, F-score and ROC: a family of discriminant measures for performance evaluation.Australasian joint conference on artificial intelligence, 1015-1021, Springer, 2006.

Research interests

  • Health Information
  • Text Data Mining
  • Data Mining