Dr. Michael Austin

Dr. Michael Austin
Dr. Michael Austin MD, FRCPC, DRCPSC (PTM)
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Clinician Investigator, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Interim Regional Medical Director, Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario
Director AFC Fellowship Program, The Ottawa Hospital
Director, Prehospital Transport Medicine (PTM)


EM206 - 1053 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Y4E9


Medical school

  • University of Tasmania, Australia 2008


  • University of Ottawa – RCPSC Emergency Medicine and Fellowship Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine Sub Specialty

Personal interests

  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Packrafting, fishing and cycling
  • Building and innovation on the ‘homestead’ Unknown Object

Personal philosophy or quote

"Never give up and live for each day."

This motto serves as a constant reminder to me that life's journey is filled with obstacles and challenges, but it is through unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to seizing each day that we can overcome any adversity. It emphasizes the importance of resilience and a positive mindset, urging me to persist even when faced with setbacks or failures. By embracing this philosophy, I embrace the transformative power of perseverance, recognizing that every moment is an opportunity for growth and fulfillment. I strive to make the most of each day, cherishing the present and nurturing a deep appreciation for life's blessings. With this mantra as my guide, I navigate the complexities of existence with courage, determination, and a steadfast belief that my actions today shape the possibilities of tomorrow.


  • Austin MA, Wills KE, Blizzard L, Walters EH, Wood-Baker R. Effect of high flow oxygen on mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in prehospital setting: randomised controlled trial. BMJ. 2010 Oct 18. C5462.
  • Austin MA, Wills K, Kilpatrick D and Walters EH. Continuous positive airway pressure plus low flow oxygen versus usual care of severe acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema in the pre-hospital setting: A randomised controlled trial [version 1; referees: 1 approved with reservations]. F1000Research 2018, 7:708 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.14577.1)
  • Sinclair, Austin M, Froats M, Leduc S, Maloney J, Dionne R, Reed A and Vaillancourt C. Characteristics Prehospital Management and Outcomes in Patients Assessed for Hypoglycemia. Repeat Access to Prehospital or Emergency Care. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2018 Sep 10:1-13. doi: 10.1080/10903127.2018.1504150.
  • B Grunau, N Kime, B Leroux, T Rea, G Van Belle, M Austin. Association of intra-arrest transport vs continued on-scene resuscitation with survival to hospital discharge among patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, JAMA, 324:11, 1058-1067. 9/2020.
  • Alexandra J. E. Carter, Marianne Arab, Cheryl Cameron, Michelle Harrison, Charlotte Pooler, Ian McEwan, Michael Austin, et al (2021) A national collaborative to spread and scale paramedics providing palliative care in Canada: Breaking down silos is essential to success, Progress in Palliative Care, 29:2, 59-65, DOI: 10.1080/09699260.2020.1871173.

More publications


  • Nomination Dr. Adam Cwinn Excellence in Emergency Department Quality June 2022
  • Contribution to the improvement of the Health of Canadians/ Contribution à l’amélioration de la santé des Canadiens, Associate Deputy Minister (ADM) Awards for Excellence, Health Canada, May 2022
  • Nomination Dr. Adam Cwinn Excellence in Emergency Department Quality June 2021
  • TOH Physician Health and Wellness Award, Award for his commitment to health and wellbeing, maintaining "work-life integration" and overcoming adversity with grace and humility. February 2018.
  • Exemplary Service Award, The Exemplary Service Award is award by Ontario Paramedic Association to a member who is active in any facet of the provision of pre-hospital emergency care, has a history of exemplary service as attested to by the committee through the use of interviews, news articles or any other means at their disposal and has exhibited in their career the ideals of Paramedicine; commitment to patient care, commitment to professional growth, commitment to fellow Paramedics and commitment to positive public awareness of the profession. November 2017.
  • The Dr. Janet Nuth Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year Award, presented to a member of the faculty, selected by the CCFP & RCPSC residents of University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario Canada. June 16th, 2016.
  • Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP)/Kingston Resuscitation Institute, 2013 Simulation Olympiad 1st Place Award ($2000): CAEP 2013 Annual Conference, Leadership from Sky to Sky. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. June 1st-5th 2013
  • Australia Evidence into Practice – Best Paper ($1000), Emergency Care Institute (ECI) New South Wales for the paper Effect of CPAP on mortality in the treatment of ACPO in the pre-hospital setting – RCT. Australasian College for Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, The Art of Science of Emergency Medicine, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Nov 19-22nd, 2012
  • University of Ottawa PSI Resident Research Prize ($2000) (High flow oxygen increases mortality in COPD patients in the pre-hospital setting: a RCT), Physician Service Inc. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
  • CAEP Resident Research Abstract Award ($500 and registration fees to CAEP) (A randomized clinical trial of CPAP in the treatment of ACPE patients in the pre-hospital setting), CAEP 2011 annual conference in St John’s, Newfoundland
  • Young Investigator Award ($500) (High flow oxygen increases mortality in COPD patients in the pre-hospital setting: a RCT), Tasmania Branch Thoracic Society of Australian and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Excellence Award (RCT comparing titrated oxygen versus high flow oxygen therapy for AMI pre-hospital setting), Council of Ambulance Authorities Inc
  • Initiative Award (High flow oxygen increases mortality in COPD patients in the pre-hospital setting: a RCT), Council of Ambulance Authorities Inc
  • Dr. Kenneth Douglas McConnell Scholarship ($5000), University of Tasmania
  • Charite Interdisciplinary Emergency Medicine Scholarship ($9000), University of Charite Berlin, Germany
  • William and Beatrice Taylor Scholarship (Honours) ($5000), University of Tasmania
  • Australian Cochrane Airways Group Network Scholarship ($2500), Cochrane Collaboration
  • David Gibson and Bruce McDonald Prize (Respiratory Medicine) ($250), Tasmanian Branch Thoracic Society of Australian and New Zealand

Research interests

  • Out-of-Hospital Research
  • Prehospital/Out-of-Hospital Medicine
  • Disaster Medicine/Disaster Preparedness
  • Expedition/Wilderness and Remote Medicine
  • Medical/Paramedical Education and Innovation