Dr. Rohit Gandhi
Dr. Rohit Gandhi
Assistant Professor


Montfort Hospital, 713 Montréal Rd


Dr. Gandhi is a Family and Emergency physician in Ottawa. He is an active clinician researcher with a focus on using Audit and Feedback to drive positive changes in physician behavior to help to reduce unnecessary testing, improve patient care, and healthcare sustainability. Dr. Gandhi is also involved in a grassroots telemedicine start-up, to help deliver access to virtual care across the country.

Principal Investigator: R. Gandhi, R. Lessard. Reducing Unnecessary Testing in the ED through Cost-Effective Physician Education, Audit and Feedback, and Personalised Scorecards – submitted for publication 2020 

Principal Investigator: R. Gandhi, I. Stiell, A. Forster, J. Worthington. Evaluating physician awareness of common health care costs in the Emergency Department (2016) – CJEM; 2018 Jul;20(4):539-549 

Principal Investigator: R. Gandhi, E. Lewis, J. Evans, E. Sell. Investigating the Necessity of CT Scans in Children with Headaches; CJEM; 2015 Mar;17(2):148-53 

Second Author: E. Lewis, R. Gandhi, J. Evans, E. Sell. Cost Comparison of Pediatric Primary Headache before and after Neurology Consultation:  A Retrospective Review of 100 Cases (2015)  

Research interests

  • Choosing Wisely
  • Audit & Feedback
  • Physician Scorecards
  • Telemedicine