Our fellowship program provide the opportunity for advanced training for physicians who have completed their specialty training. Our team offers a unique training opportunity for advanced training by the grouping of its recognised experts into a common workgroup; the variety and number of procedures performed yearly, and the structured teaching.

The Department of Otolaryngology – Head neck surgery offers fellowship programs in:

Advanced head neck Oncology and Microvascular reconstruction

  • Dr. Hussain Alsaffar
  • Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki
  • Dr. Andre Lamothe
  • Dr. Michael Odell

Otology / Neurotology

  • Dr. David Schramm
  • Dr. Jean-Philippe Vaccani
  • Dr. Patrick Murphy

Endoscopic sinus surgery / Anterior skull base surgery

  • Dr. Shaun Kilty
  • Dr. Andre Lamothe

All applications must be submitted online throughuoCampus

Postgraduate Medical Education Admissions page

For more information, contact Gabrielle St-Jean Savoie at [email protected].