Do you have what it takes to become a successful researcher? Find out what these incredible award-winning individuals have done to become top of their field.

Professor Paul Corkum smiling in front of a gallery wall.

Slow and steady wins the race but Ultrafast wins the Prize

Attosecond science is a branch of physics focusing on electrons within matter and the processes in which they are involved, such as ionization. Prof. Corkum’s interest in attoseconds — which are 1 x 10-18 of a second — piqued soon after joining the National Research Council of Canada, where he discovered how to make attosecond laser pulses.
Earth and Environmental Sc.
PhD student Parviz Ajourlou (left) sharing research results with Professor Glenn Milne (right). They are both seated at a desk in front of a laptop and a computer screen.
Earth and Environmental Sc.

Deciphering Oceans, Earth and Ice Sheets to Predict Sea Level Changes

Rising sea levels threaten many islands and coastal regions. Professor Glenn Milne, from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, studies this phenomenon extensively. His important research earned him two awards from the American Geophysical Union (AGU).
Professor Emily Standen is standing in the uOttawa aquatic facility in front of Polypterus racks and holding another amphibious model, the blue spotted salamander

Like a fish in water... or out of water: the evolution of fish biomechanics?

To advance their research, it is important for scientists to share their discoveries with others.
Mathematics and Statistics
Professor Frithjof Lutscher is standing to the right of a chalkboard on which he is writing a mathematical formula.
Mathematics and Statistics

Prestigious prize for outstanding contributions to mathematical ecology

The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS) presented the 2022 CAIMS Research Prize to Prof. Lutscher, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to mathematical ecology. Awarded annually, the CAIMS Research Prize is the most prestigious award granted by CAIMS and the only award in Canada that recognizes contributions to applied mathematics.
Chemistry and Biomolecular Sc.
(from left to right) Professor Muralee Murugesu, Professor Abdelhamid Sayari, and Professor Michael Organ
Chemistry and Biomolecular Sc.

Our world-leading chemists recognized by the Canadian Chemistry community

Professors in the uOttawa Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences have received many awards over the years, with 2022 being particularly successful!
Jeremy Kerr

Using research to make a difference

Prof. Kerr was elected as a Fellow for his work on understanding how climate and land use changes affect the survival prospects of species across scales ranging from individual habitats to entire continents.

All awards and honours

Recipient Department Title
Aris-Brosou, Stéphane BIO Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Bridge Fellowship
Bryce, David CBS Full Member, Sigma Xi Honor Society
Corkum, Paul PHY 2022 Wolf Prize in Physics
Gilmour, Kathleen BIO 2021/22 Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Research
Karimi, Ebrahim PHY NSERC Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship
Kerr, Jeremy BIO Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Luican-Mayer, Adina PHY Ontario Early Researcher Award
Luican-Mayer, Adina PHY 2020/21 Faculty of Science Early Career Researcher of the Year Award
Lutscher, Frithjof MAT Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society Research Prize
Ménard, Jean-Michel PHY 2021 University of Bayreuth Senior Fellow
Ménard, Jean-Michel PHY Ontario Early Researcher Award
Milne, Glenn EES Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
Murugesu, Muralee CBS 2022 Canadian Society for Chemistry Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry
Organ, Michael CBS 2022 Chemical Institute of Canada Catalysis Award
Sayari, Abdelhamid CBS 2022 Canadian Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Award for Green Chemistry
Standen, Emily BIO Canadian Society of Zoologists R. G. Boutilier New Investigator Award
Tabard-Cossa, Vincent PHY CAP Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Industrial and Applied Physics

BIO: Department of Biology
CBS: Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
EES: Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
MAT: Department of Mathematics and Statistics
PHY: Department of Physics