Prospective participants should normally meet the following criteria:

  • Currently occupy a leadership role in the federal public service (EX-2 and EX-3 levels), or an equivalent position in a provincial or municipal government, or the private or not-for-profit sectors;
  • Feel a strong desire to assume a greater leadership role in the Canadian public sector (or related functions);
  • Have a degree from a recognized degree-granting institution in Canada or abroad;
  • Be recommended by the relevant Deputy Minister, or Assistant Deputy Minister, or equivalent;
  • Be willing to commit to complete the Program assignments, attend the sessions, and participate actively; and
  • Be functionally bilingual, especially with a reasonable level of oral comprehension of both English and French.

The normal two-year cost for the Program is $36,000, which covers tuition, instructional materials, on-site meals for Ottawa sessions, and coaching. Sponsoring organizations also need to cover participants’ travel and accommodation costs for the three study tours, and any sessions outside Ottawa. The Program fee of $36,000 is payable in a) one installment of $36,000 or b) two installments of $18,000. 

Participants not based in the National Capital Region will be responsible for similar costs when attending the regular sessions, but will be assisted by reimbursement of normal travel and accommodation costs of up to $10,000.

Applications should include:

  • a letter explaining the applicant’s reasons for wishing to participate in the Program,
  • a letter of support from the relevant Deputy Minister or Assistant Deputy Minister, or equivalent where appropriate,
  • two other letters of reference,
  • a current curriculum vitae.

Participants from the federal public service are normally recommended by their relevant Deputy Minister or Assistant Deputy Minister from among their most promising EX 2 and EX 3 leaders. Participants from provincial/territorial administrations or the private or non-profit sectors are usually recommended by the equivalent appropriate senior official in their organization.

We request that applications for Cohort XVIII (beginning in November 2023) be submitted by July 21, 2023.

Submissions and questions

Applications should be sent to (email submission is accepted):

James Lahey
Director, Centre on Public Management and Policy
University of Ottawa
Odell House, 180 Waller Street South
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9B9

Tel: 613-716-5100
E-mail: [email protected]

Questions may also be directed to:

  • Simon Larivée-Boisvert, Tel: 613-716-5700