The Program does not try to perfect the present but instead aims to prepare participants for the future. While many of the Program's learnings can indeed be applied in current roles, our primary goal is to build sustainable leadership capacity. With this in mind, we do not emphasize tools or techniques but rather seek a broader and more in-depth understanding of the challenges of leading in a future that is fast approaching. Our learning objectives for the Program are to:

  • Deepen knowledge of leading thought and practice in the areas of public sector leadership, management and governance, and of Canada in the world;
  • Expose leaders to diverse ways of thinking and acting in the increasingly complex environment in which they must operate, through candid dialogue with top practitioners;
  • Probe themes such as the good use of evidence and the impact of technological change on governance and leadership;
  • Become more aware of current and enduring issues such as indigenous reconciliation and explore policies and practice that result in positive change;
  • Develop each individual's "leadership practice," including their capacity for self-directed and group learning, problem-solving, and personal resilience; and
  • Connect participants with senior colleagues within the public service and with thought leaders in the broader world, from whom they can continue to learn and exchange in the years ahead.
Certificate participants