Congratulations to Professor Arne Stinchcombe for his prestigious appointment as Chair in Applied Public Health

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With profound admiration and enthusiastic anticipation for the future, we celebrate the appointment of Professor Arne Stinchcombe to the distinguished position of Chair in Applied Public Health, an honor announced by the Honorable Mark Holland, Minister of Health.

This appointment is part of the fourth cohort of the 2024 applied public health chairs program, benefiting from a significant investment of 13.8 million dollars by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Public Health Agency of Canada. This move reaffirms Canada's commitment to advancing public health through cutting-edge research and strategic collaboration.

His appointment aligns with the strategic objectives of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research's Public Health and Population Health Institute (IPPHI) and the Institute of Aging (IA), emphasizing the development of public health solutions based on the best available scientific data. Through his work, Professor Stinchcombe will address the social, cultural, and environmental factors impacting the health of older 2SLGBTQI+ adults, adopting an intersectional approach to explore the complex interactions that contribute to their well-being. This will advance health equity and meet the diverse health needs of this community in Canada.

Professor Stinchcombe states “this Chair marks an exciting opportunity to deepen our understanding of 2SLGBTQI+ aging and promote health equity for sexual and gender minority older adults.”