Details on the SSHRC Insight Development Grants 2024

Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences
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Find out what you need to know to apply for SSHRC Insight Development Grants for 2024.

The portal is now open for the 2024 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grants competition. Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. Funding is available for two distinct categories of scholars: emerging scholars and established scholars

Registration is mandatory; please see the Research Management Service website and send an email before December 20th, 2023. 

Please access the form through the Research Community Portal. A Canadian Common CV is required for this grant. 

The Faculty of Social Sciences is offering a voluntary proposal review initiative. We are encouraging colleagues to submit their proposals by January 9th for pre-review.  

The RE form is mandatory, even if you are a co-applicant on a grant managed by another university. Submit the RE online, then print, sign and email to [email protected] 

The internal deadline is January 31th, 2024. The application is submitted online through the Research Community Portal. Verify your application and CV and hit submit. Once your application has been submitted it cannot be modified. 

Here are additional tips and resources to assist you in preparing your submission. 



The following criteria and scoring scheme are used by adjudication committee members to evaluate Insight Grant applications: 


Budgets are included in the evaluation process; be reasonable and substantiate every expense.Compensation-Related Expenses 



  • Write your proposal in clear, plain language (non-technical terms) and avoid jargon. 
  • Use the sub-titles provided in your Detailed Description section. 
  • Respect the number of pages and presentation guidelines. 


Faculty of Social Sciences: 

Sophie LeTouzé, Lead Advisor, Research 

Research Management Services: 

Francine Payant, Research Grants Officer 


[email protected] 

1-855-275-2861- Toll free