Finding a balance

Faculty of Social Sciences
From the Field

By Simone

Student, Criminology

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“Taking part in an internship through this program has worked very well for me.”

Simone, Criminology, Forum of Federations, MENA Project & Ethiopia

I chose to do the internship in addition to a class, and it has been a painless process. While doing both class and the internship seemed like it might be more work than a typical school term, it has proven to be the opposite. Luckily, the team I have worked with at The Forum of Federations has been understanding and supportive. I have been able to ensure my work is done for both school, and the internship without excess stress. For any students considering this internship but are not convinced because they want to take classes as well, I can say that in my experience, it has not been an issue. I am glad I did not let that challenge stop me. While everyone’s experiences are different, I have certainly been enjoying this term more than ever.

It takes some getting used to completing an internship as a student. Just like any new situation, there is a learning curve involved. Personally, I had to strike the right balance between time I was putting into the internship and class. Prioritizing my work and separating each assignment by school, the internship, and other tasks helped me to clearly see what I had to do for each area I am doing work in and adjusting my schedule accordingly. Once I found that balance, everything has been improved. Doing an internship at the Forum has already taught me a lot, and we still have over a month to go. It is insightful getting to see the work being done behind the scenes, and the process that is involved in implementing initiatives. I have been able to develop connections, and even friendships through this program for which I feel lucky.