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Faculty of Social Sciences
From the Field

By Avery

Student, International Development and Globalization

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“My internship with India Civil Watch International, is probably the best work experience I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of.”

Avery, International Development and Globalization, Alternatives, India, India Civil Watch International

India Civil Watch International or ICWI, is a human rights monitoring and advocacy organization with its headquarters in New York, USA. With deep ties to the most important social movements in India, it both alerts international civil society to urgent and evolving priorities, and advocates for rights and protections of vulnerable populations.

I have been lucky enough throughout this internship to be connected to a team who has taken the time to educate me about various topics concerning the history and current events of India, whether it be the Caste System, political prisoners, or the work of human rights activists all over India. I was even invited to attend the memorial service of an amazing human rights activist, which was not only an incredibly honouring and emotional experience, but so educational. This team has worked hard to make sure not only that I have plenty of work to do, but also ensure that I am fully confident in my knowledge. I can honestly say that while there is so much more to learn, as India has a vast history with millions of different stories to tell, I feel confident in my ability to work and produce well-done content. This is something I have never felt working for any other organization.

Mostly, I just feel grateful to work in a team of men that are as caring, and open minded as this one. Being the only female on a team can be quite daunting, and my past experiences haven’t always been very positive, but this team has allowed me to feel confident to speak up and ask questions. I recommend this organization to any student looking for experience pertaining to development or human rights in South Asia.