Inequalities and Opportunities: Online Work in the Age of COVID-19

Faculty of Social Sciences
From the Field

By Prattiga

Student, Political Science

Map of the world
“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inequalities and contradictions in our global political and economic system.”

Prattiga, POL, Alternatives, Palestine, Teachers Creativity Centre

I am currently working with the Teachers Creativity Centre based in Palestine. This internship has made me acutely aware of global inequalities.  In terms of managing the risks associated with COVID-19 , Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have yet to have access to vaccinations. Meanwhile, I am fully vaccinated while safely working from home. Palestinians have been confronted with an increase in bombing, unlawful evictions, and overall violence this summer. In contrast, I have been able to enjoy the relative comfort of living with my family during the pandemic without fear.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inequalities and contradictions in our global political and economic system. It has also revealed opportunities that have not been fully utilized until now. I am currently doing research on education in Palestine and will be conducting interviews with educators and others in the field in the coming weeks. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with locals that have first-hand experience and knowledge. I know that with the checkpoints, safety concerns, and ongoing political unrest - it is unlikely that I would have been able to go to Palestine and work there in person.  International internships having been shifted to online have given opportunities to students in the West to work  and collaborate with organizations in parts of the world that are deemed ‘unsafe’ and ‘unstable’ in ways that seemed difficult before the pandemic. There have been moments of this internship that were tough and confusing, but nonetheless I find myself feeling very content and fulfilled with the work that I am doing. Overall, I am thankful for the experience that I likely would not have been able to take part in if it were not for the changes made in response to COVID-19.