Innovative Manuscript on Psychotherapy Research Spearheaded by Faculty of Social Sciences Students Published

Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Psychology
group of psychology students with professor Giorgio A. Tasca
In a remarkable academic collaboration, 15 students from the Faculty of Social Sciences have played a pivotal role in the research and publication of a new manuscript in the esteemed journal, "Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process, and Outcome." This groundbreaking paper offers new insights into the complex fields of psychopathology, therapeutic processes, and their outcomes, marking a significant contribution to the psychotherapy community.

The manuscript, developed under the guidance of professor Giorgio A. Tasca, explores novel therapeutic techniques and their effectiveness in treating various psychological disorders. Through rigorous research methodologies, the team has provided valuable data that could reshape contemporary therapy practices.

The involvement of students in such high-level research demonstrates the university's commitment to hands-on learning and fostering a collaborative academic environment. These students have not only contributed to valuable scientific research but have also gained unparalleled experience that will aid them in their future careers.

The publication of this manuscript is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both the students and their mentors. It highlights the importance of nurturing young scholars and providing them with opportunities to work on significant projects that can impact the field of psychotherapy.

This publication not only enhances the academic reputation of the Faculty of Social Sciences but also sets a precedent for student-led research, encouraging more students to engage in high-level research projects.

For those interested in reading the manuscript: Models of practice and training in psychotherapy: cross-national perspectives from Italy and Canada, it is available in the latest issue of "Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome." This work promises to be a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers, and students alike, spearheading further research and discussion in the field of psychotherapy.