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The Faculty of Social Sciences would like to congratulate the newly appointed members of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), Class of 2022 (Professor André Lecours) and the College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists (Professors Abel Brodeur, Nafissa Ismail)! These are the highest distinction that can be awarded to those engaged in scholarly endeavours or working in the arts or sciences in Canada. These members of our faculty have demonstrated research excellence.

School of Political Studies | University of Ottawa | Academy of Social Sciences

André Lecours is an internationally renowned political scientist. His work on nationalism and federalism stands out for the breadth of the comparisons made, its theoretical scope and its analytical power. It has raised the profile of the Canadian context in comparative politics and enriched the study of Canadian politics by incorporating findings from other multinational federal democracies.

Image of André Lecours

Department of Economics | University of Ottawa | RSC College

Abel Brodeur specializes in applied microeconomics, in the areas of development, health and labour economics. His current work aims to evaluate the socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 and examines the causes and consequences of hate crime, mass shootings and terrorism. He is the recipient of many distinctions and a co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Economics.

Image of Abel Brodeur

School of Psychology | University of Ottawa | RSC College

Nafissa Ismail is the Research Chair in “Stress and Mental Health” at the University of Ottawa. She is interested in women’s health and the prevention of mental illnesses. She is known for her contributions to the identification of the biological pathways through which females become more sensitive to stress during adolescence and more vulnerable to psychological illnesses. Her work also demonstrates that gut microbiota contributes to developing resilience to stress.

Image of Nafissa Ismail