Pascal Morimanno, class president and recipient of the Bank of Canada and Eiffel Sciences Po Scholarships

Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Political Studies
Pascal Morimanno
We are delighted to feature an insightful question and answer session with Pascal Morimanno, who has recently earned the distinct honor of receiving both the Bank of Canada Scholarship and the Eiffel Sciences Po Scholarship. Adding to these prestigious accolades, Pascal has also been named class president, a testament to his unparalleled academic record and leadership qualities.

In this interview, Pascal discusses his academic pursuits, the unique challenges he's faced, and his ambitions for the future. His remarkable achievements not only highlight his intellectual capabilities but also demonstrate his potential to significantly influence both economic theories and global policies. Join us as we delve into a conversation with Pascal, celebrating his success and exploring his vision for leveraging these opportunities to drive impactful change in the world.

1.Why did you choose to study at the University of Ottawa and the Faculty of Social Sciences?

What brought me to the University of Ottawa was the Parliamentary Pages program at the House of Commons and the opportunity to study in Canada's political capital. I came to the University of Ottawa for three specific reasons.

- I wanted to continue my post-secondary education in French. The opportunity to take courses in both official languages made me a better student and better prepared me for the job market.

- the economics and political science program was of great interest to me, especially since I wanted to develop my quantitative and qualitative skills and have tangible work experience.

- the proximity of the University of Ottawa campus to the Byward Market, Parliament Hill and the O-train allowed me to flourish and maximize the cultural opportunities the city has to offer!

2. What are your next steps? Graduate studies?

I'm going to spend some time at home in Fredericton with my family and friends, and then continue my studies this fall with a Maitrise at Sciences Po - Paris in political science (political behavior) as an Eiffel Scholar!

3. What does it mean to you to receive the Bank of Canada Scholarship and the Eiffel Scholarship at Sciences Po?

I'm very proud to have received these prestigious scholarships, and I'm very grateful to everyone who supported me during my four years at the University of Ottawa. These scholarships are the fruit of many different communities, which pushed me to grow and step out of my comfort zone during my studies. Specifically, I'd like to thank Dr. Robert Sparling and Dr. Paul Saurette, two professors at the School of Political Studies who truly believed in my potential and supported me through the application process. Both scholarships also recognize my decision to continue studying in French during my bachelor's degree.

4. How important has your time at the Faculty of Social Sciences been to your achievements?

The FSS has been so important to my personal and professional achievements. The professors are interested in the pedagogy of their students and are constantly trying to find new experiential forms of teaching. The Faculty's student associations have also been important, notably the Association Étudiante des Études Internationales et Politiques (AEIPPSSA), which organizes Canada's largest university parliamentary simulation in the House of Commons every year, and where I got involved in organizing the event and meeting lifelong friends.

5. What is your fondest memory of your time at the University of Ottawa?

It's so hard to choose just one, so I'll name a few that come to mind quickly! On the extracurricular level, winning two medals as coxswain and captain of the uOttawa men's rowing team at the Ontario University Championships are great memories of our hard work and dedication to the team. On the academic front, my synthesis seminar on political ideologies (POL 4310) was a course that completely changed my scientific approach and led me to the subject of my master's degree. Despite this, it's the friendships I made during my time at the University of Ottawa that will stay with me the most!

6. Do you have any advice for new students?

Ask as many questions as you want - you're here to learn! Whether it's in class, during office hours, or at the student help centers, the professors at the Faculty are there to listen and want to help you. The strength of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa is that the professors want to help you succeed. Take advantage of every available opportunity for help, and stay curious! But don't forget to take time to have fun during your baccalaureate - it's also a time of personal development and unforgettable years!