Unveiling the Complex Tapestry of Immigration Discourse: A Comparative Study Between Canada and Italy

Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Social Work
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This SSHRC funded collaborative research, led by Lilian Negura, Professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa and Annamaria de Rosa from the University Sapienza of Rome, examines the intricate immigration discourse in Canada and Italy.

Canada's discourse is characterized by broad bipartisan support and inclusivity, while Italy experiences growing tensions around immigration, with right-wing and left-wing narratives differing on migrants' portrayal. The study uses social representations to understand how societal beliefs shape immigration narratives, shedding light on how it becomes a "social problem" in collective imagination. By comparing institutional and policy-oriented discourse in both countries, the research aims to offer a deeper understanding of these complex narratives and guide the development of more effective and humane immigration policies tailored to each nation's distinctive needs and perspectives. This research contributes to informed and empathetic policymaking.

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