The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa presents the 2023 Bled Future Achievers Leadership Forum, a 5-day interactive leadership forum for Black and Indigenous youth leaders from across Canada.

Bled Future Achievers Leadership Forum

The Bled Future Achievers Leadership Forum (BFALF) is a 5-day leadership forum (from July 16 to July 22, 2023) for 10 Black and Indigenous youth from across the country, hosted in Ottawa, Ontario. The forum will feature interactive programming that promotes leadership, confidence, self-exploration, cross-community collaboration, and asset-based community development (ABCD) as tools for creating positive change in their communities.

Our mission at the BFALF is to connect and empower Black and Indigenous youth from across the country who are interested in social justice. Participants will build meaningful connections with peers while developing new skills and knowledge that will help them be better changemakers.

Pyramid formation

The Forum is all expenses paid, which includes:

  • Transportation to and from Ottawa;
  • Transportation during the forum;
  • Accommodations and meals;
  • Relevant activities and programming; and,
  • A safe and inclusive environment where all will be welcomed.

The Forum will be a space where leaders will develop their capacity for:

Participants will engage with Black and Indigenous professionals and mentors through roundtables and 1-on-1 discussions to explore different educational, vocational, and leadership opportunities available during and after high school.

Participants will challenge themselves in workshops that build self-worth and self-love through relationship-building, communication, self-advocacy, life and career exploration, and leadership development.

Participants will participate in various wellness-based and outdoor activities to encourage mind-body connection to immerse themselves in nature and journey through their own self-exploration and personal discovery.

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with other Black and Indigenous youth from around the country, build meaningful relationships, and explore the benefits of cross-community collaboration in building a kinder and safer world for all.

Participants will use the ABCD approach to assess the strengths, resources, skills, and experiences they possess to organize and mobilize positive change within their community.

Eligibility and Supervision


The Forum is designed for Black and Indigenous youth (14 to 18 years-old) who would like to explore the benefits of cross-community collaboration in building a kinder and safer world for all; are interested in social justice and creating positive change; have demonstrated the capacity and potential to develop as agents of change; and would like to connect with other youth leaders from across Canada.


The supervision team will be on-site throughout the week of the forum to welcome you, accompany you and ensure your well-being and your safety.

The supervision team is made up of the project management team, who coordinates the forum as a whole and facilitates the forum’s sessions, and team leaders. Team leaders are Black and Indigenous students from the University of Ottawa, who are passionate about the forum’s mission. They will be present for the various enrichment and social activities, provide supervision in residence, and ensure the smooth running of the forum. They can also answer your questions about university life!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER IN MAY 21, 2023 at 11:50 p.m. (EST).

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