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International Studies and Modern Languages

Study international issues and cultural phenomena in a global context

In this program, you will acquire an in-depth understanding of the complex connections and interactions among local, national, regional and global processes. While providing you with a solid training in political science, it introduces you to a broad variety of disciplines, such as economics, geography, history and world religions. Furthermore, you will become proficient in Canada’s two official languages, and in at least one additional modern language (Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish), preparing you for the demands of an internationally oriented career.

Why choose International Studies and Modern Languages with the School of Political Studies

Just steps from Parliament Hill, in the heart of the nation’s capital, the School benefits from a rich network of contacts developed by its professors and alumni. You get to study next door to the federal public service, which is not only an employer, but also a University partner and the subject of much University research. In addition, the School has partnered with the Faculty of Arts to offer you the advanced foreign-language training included in the curriculum.

Part of your learning experience

You can choose from a wide range of international experiences that complement your degree: international exchanges, field research courses, international internships and the Model United Nations Course. These unique opportunities provide experiences that can set you apart on the job market.

Province Prerequisites Admission averages
Ontario English or Français 4U mid 70s
Quebec – CEGEP English (603) or Français (601) mid 60s
Quebec – Secondary V English or Français 82-84%

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4 years120 units

Honours in International Studies and Modern Languages

Valentina Perez Montoya, graduate
Student Voices

“I moved to Canada from Colombia when I was 7 years old. I chose this multidisciplinary program because I have an appetite for adventure, a passion for languages.”

Valentina Perez Montoya

— Graduate

Kevin McMillan

“Studying international relations gives me the chance to combine my love of history, culture and languages with the always fascinating – and sometimes infuriating – realm of politics”

Kevin McMillan

— Professor

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