The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) offers students the opportunity to build on their theoretical and practical knowledge and to develop their professional skills by completing an internship in a Canadian embassy abroad. These internships offer graduate students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve gained at university in a stimulating and challenging professional setting.


  • Learn, understand and be able to analyze bilateral and multilateral theory and practice
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the political, economic, social and cultural context of the host country
  • Develop expertise in professional intervention and skill in adapting to different corporate cultures and policies
  • Develop the capacity for self-reflection and the soft skills needed in intercultural contexts
  • Reinforce the capacity for reflection and ethical actions


  • The international internship cannot be remunerated
  • Only Canadian students can be selected for an embassy internship
  • Only students admitted to the full-time program can be selected for an embassy internship.
  • Students are permitted to do only one one-term international internship during the M.A. in Public and International Affairs program.
  • Students must be enrolled at the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Students cannot be enrolled in the CO-OP program or have completed its requirements at the time of the international internship. As per University of Ottawa policy, students who have enrolled in (but not completed) the CO-OP program can transfer to the international internship program.


At the beginning of each session, GSPIA students will receive an email including application details. Interviews will be held to select between 8 and 12 students to fill the internship positions.

We will let students know how to register and provide an internship guide. Details on travel and the administrative steps related to internships will be provided by the intern coordinator at the Faculty of Social Sciences. To make an appointment to complete the registration process, students who have been awarded an internship must send an email to [email protected] indicating their availability during Faculty business hours along with their student number and a note that they have been chosen for an embassy internship. This appointment should take place as soon as possible after the student is selected. Students must also submit a completed third-party authorization form to the coordinator as soon as possible (form available in the guide), which will allow the student’s academic unit to share information about the student with the internship supervisor.

Next steps

Students will receive confirmation from the embassy hosting their internship. An embassy representative will contact the student to arrange the internship dates. Students are to forward to the supervisor a Work/Education Placement Agreement form to be completed by the supervisor and returned to the School. Students should have this form completed by the internship supervisor as soon as possible as it is required in order to receive any funding and purchase airline tickets.

It is mandatory for all students taking part in an Embassy internship. Mr. Daniel Livermore is the main contact who manages this process.

Students must ensure they have a valid passport. We recommend that the passport be valid for at least six months beyond the date of expected return to Canada. Students must confirm whether there are any visa requirements for the destination country. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for and obtain any necessary visa. If required, GSPIA will provide students with an internship confirmation letter for the purpose of obtaining a visa.

All students taking part in an internship must complete the mandatory GSPIA pre-departure training and the risk management training offered by the International Office (IO). The placement coordinator will provide students with the dates for the training.