uOttawa's Faculty of Social Sciences Officially Launches Collabzium!
The research hub connecting professors to international peers.

Research is at the core of the University of Ottawa. Every year a multitude of research projects are produced university-wide to tackle social and scientific topics and innovate solutions. Likewise, the Faculty of Social Sciences supports knowledge mobilization and produces high quality research with socio-economic impacts. 

To increase the national and international reputation, visibility and reach of its research projects, the Faculty of Social Sciences has launched Collabzium: a research initiative supporting professors in the mobilization and dissemination of their work. 

Collabzium is an online platform and acceleration tool allowing professors to: 

  • Engage with national and international peers 

  • Develop meaningful partnerships 

  • Facilitate events and experiences 

The team behind Collabzium, also referred to as the Collabcrew, leverages modern strategies, tools, and support structures to assist Social Sciences professors in reaching their objectives. 

Karl Spencer, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Faculty of Social Sciences

“Our advanced tools revolutionize the way knowledge is shared across digital channels. It serves as a significant source for in-kind contributions that strengthens your grant applications.”

Karl Spencer

— Marketing and Communications Manager at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The CollabGoals

Collabzium was created to: 

  • Mobilize knowledge: in other terms, to accelerate and enhance the reach and impact of research projects in the community through advanced audience acquisition strategies. 

  • Develop relationships to secure future endowments for the Faculty but also interesting opportunities for students and alumni.  

  • Raise awareness of research projects and programs developed by FSS professors to establish an international reputation. 

  • Incubate partnerships for the development of innovative solutions and initiatives with stakeholders in various sectors, including governments, community organizations, national and international private sectors, and scholars. 

Marianne Saikaley, Collabzium Project Manager

“Collabzium's network acceleration solution was successful for many professors at the Faculty. They are building new partnerships and sharing their projects with hundreds of peers all over the world.”

Marianne Saikaley

— Collabzium Project Manager

How it works? 

Members of Collabzium benefit from a range of free services that will boost the reach of their work. This includes: 

  • A FREE website platform to promote research projects and stories. 

  • Networking systems to reach target audiences and start efficient conversations with collaborators. 

  • Modern spaces to meet with peers and establish productive connections for social innovation. 

  • Professional support to leverage mobilization tools for research dissemination 

Eric Champagne

“Collabzium is amazing! It gave me thousands of new contacts and connected me with like-minded professionals in the community that have an interest in my research.”

Eric Champagne

— Associate Professor of Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences 

In a nutshell, Collabzium is a modern yet simple solution that allows FSS professors to scale their presence and impact on a national and international level. Although, this research hub is still a start-up, Collabzium has the resources and capacity to assist its members with blog posts, video projects and enhancing your social media strategy. We invite you to subscribe today to get the latest social sciences news and connect with our community on Linkedin.