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Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Students planning an international exchange.

By Laura Darche

It can be tough to compete for jobs in an increasingly interconnected world in which technology evolves at such a rapid pace. Those who will thrive in the workforce of tomorrow will need a twenty-first-century skillset that includes critical thinking, teamwork, innovation and cross-cultural communication, abilities that are highly prized by business and that allow graduates to succeed in today’s global labour market.

Global thinkers wanted

“An employee who has an open, international mindset is a real plus” – Sean O’Hagan, Leonovus

According to a study conducted by RBC, technology will transform one quarter of all jobs in Canada over the coming decade. And young employees will need more than academic qualifications to succeed: they will require a foundation in cultural awareness, adaptability and good interpersonal relations. Exposure to cultural diversity is especially important, given that one-in-eight Canadians is employed by a foreign company and that international business represents about 65% of all Canadian production.

To help our students get noticed by employers, the University of Ottawa has created the uOGlobal recognition program. The program’s experiential learning allows students to progress beyond what they learn in university by honing the skills and values needed to become citizens of the world. Thanks to its unique approach, uOGlobal will assist students in building the cross-cultural and international portfolio required in today’s workplace.

A tool to increase employability

If you are taking courses in a foreign language, volunteering or mentoring in a multicultural setting, or have already participated in an international exchange or CO-OP placement, you probably already meet some of the requirements for uOGlobal recognition. This program, which is open to all students, requires that you complete four intercultural experiences and three workshops (on cross-cultural communications, global citizenship and managing skills for the job market) as well as nine online training and self-reflection modules.

“Employers will show more interest in graduates with uOGlobal recognition because in addition to developing their transferable skills, these students will have demonstrated initiative and a sense of social responsibility.” – Bruno Castilloux, Assistant Director, Career Development Center (CDC) CO-OP and Careers

A pilot project will run during the fall 2018 and winter 2019 terms, and by September 2019, students will be able to spread uOGlobal recognition training out over two or four terms.

Learn more about uOGlobal recognition and enroll!


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