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Pushing the Boundaries:

Help our students lay the foundation for a prosperous future through socially relevant projects and innovative research methods.

The Faculty of Education’s vision for the future rests on two pillars: supporting our students and promoting groundbreaking research. Our high calibre researchers are committed to helping us develop a greater understanding of teaching and learning.

We are recognized for our programs designed to meet the needs of the education community, administered and delivered by committed individuals with the goal of ensuring the best possible experience for our students.

Here are some of the projects your donation to the Faculty of Education will support:

Pushing the Boundaries of Education

We’ve reformulated our graduate studies programs to better cater to society’s needs, to anticipate challenges and work on solutions. 
Graduate students help push the boundaries of our understanding of education. However, they often face the most financial pressure, so we are enriching our graduate scholarships to help students focus on their studies.

Mental Health and Bullying Research Fund: Being a Leader

Youth mental health is an emerging field. By taking a leadership position now, we will be able to positively influence the direction of this area of study. Teachers see bullying and intimidation every day that has real consequences for student outcomes. Your donation will help teachers to identify and provide the right tools to address this serious issue.

Technology in Learning Research Chair: Seizing Opportunities

This is an exciting time in the world of education. New technologies, new understandings of the process of learning and new teaching methods mean there are more opportunities for students to reach their potential than ever before.

The integration of communication and information technologies in the classroom is happening already. The Technology in Learning Research Chair will provide guidance on these changes and investigate approaches that show promise.

Other inspiring stories

Merit Scholarships at the Faculty of Education

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Your contribution will support  merit scholarships by funding students in direct-entry faculties whose names appear on the Dean’s List.

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