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Inspiring Innovation:

Help fund ideas that defy the conventional, as our faculty and students tackle the world’s complex problems.

“The only way we can achieve the dream of a prosperous, healthy society, one that cares for all its members and shows the way towards personal growth for all in a sustainable environment is to promote sharing among peoples and among disciplines.”
— Marcel Mérette, Former Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

With nine units, 10,000 students, 260 professors and many programs and research centres, the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences, is the largest faculty on campus.

Whether it’s development, international affairs, economic policy, public administration, governance, climate change, language rights, gender equality, mental health or social justice, we’re exploring the biggest issues of today and tomorrow.

Here are some of the projects your donation to the Faculty of Social Science will help support:

Fostering Engagement: The Leaders of Tomorrow Fund

International internships, field research courses and the multitude of other activities to further engagement that we offer seek to prepare our students for careers in a world without borders, but also to make them interested in getting involved.

The Leaders of Tomorrow Fund will seek to give our students what they need to change the world: the opportunity to learn and the means to act. With the help of donors like you, we can ensure that our experiential learning and international mobility programs remain strong, while encouraging democratic engagement through events and initiatives from all parts of the Faculty.

The INSPIRE Lab: At the Heart of Human Behaviour

You won’t find a microscope or test tube at the INSPIRE laboratory. The lab has a very specific goal: to study human behaviour. Equipment at this cutting-edge facility built in 2013 can simultaneously measure heartbeat, galvanic skin response, eye movement and other physiological variables, to accurately analyze both cognitive and biological reactions to stimuli such as a political speech, environmental messages, a picture in a magazine or even another person. The only other lab of its kind is at Harvard University.

But to educate tomorrow’s experts, we need you. Today, research innovation depends more and more on philanthropy. New doctoral scholarships and an international conference will encourage truly unique interdisciplinary projects in the INSPIRE lab and develop the full research potential at the crossroads of neuroscience and human behaviour.

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