Financial Aid

Students standing at the counter of the Financial Aid and Awards Office.

Your support for our scholarship and bursary programs will help students fulfill their dreams.

Investing in the next generation makes a difference in the lives of individuals, but also builds a stronger country and a better world. Donor support allowed Nigel Wodrich to study for a semester at the prestigious Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and attend a high-level conference on climate change. He says the experience left him “more optimistic than ever at the possibilities of my generation to resolve the challenges of our era.”

Our 2014-2015 scholarship recipients are profoundly grateful for your support.

“With this award I greatly look forward to returning to India, where I have been studying and volunteering for much of the last three years. I will go to a remote region of the Himalayas to work on an education project at a Zanskari nunnery, Dorjedzong. Recognizing that young girls in the surrounding mountainous areas did not have access to education, Dorjedzong opened its school two years ago.” – Jennifer Divall, Faculty of Education.

“I hope to use the perspective gained from my international work placement at the African School of Economics in Benin to pursue a career in the international community. Working side-by-side with students from across Africa, my motivation to study and work to my fullest potential has been multiplied tenfold.” – Phillip Spencer, Faculty of Social Sciences

“I am a full time student, passionate track and field athlete with a five day training schedule, and a part time sales representative. With these and additional dedications, meeting financial requirements such as tuition, books, and track and field memberships is often difficult, therefore any help that I can get is profoundly appreciated. Coming from a low income family, receiving this scholarship means a great deal to me.” – Gordon Cavé, Faculty of Education.

Student Financial Assistance

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Financially support the students of the University of Ottawa

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