Graduate Scholarships

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Graduate Scholarships: uOttawa can attract the best Master’s and PhD students in the world. You can help.

In the top tier of science, a single country or institution may have only a few researchers working in each highly-specialized field. Those researchers create a network with their international colleagues to advance scientific discoveries. PhD students form an important part of this network; after all, today’s students are tomorrow’s professors and researchers, notes Ravi Bhardwaj, associate professor of experimental photonics, who came to Canada from his native India on a post-doctoral scholarship.

In 2004, University of Ottawa Professor Juan Scaiano donated $250,000 in scientific prize money to start a post-graduate scholarship fund, attaching one important condition: the fund would welcome applicants not only from Canada, but from around the globe.

We want to broaden Dr. Scaiano’s vision to attract exceptional graduate students from around the world in all fields of study.

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Scholarships

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Financially support graduate students at the University of Ottawa

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