Research Chairs

Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics (CAREG) Building

Research Chairs allow us to recruit and retain top talent, and to support the kind of high-level research that seeks creative solutions to today’s challenges.

Imagine a world where carbon-fibre bicycles are made from molecules extracted from sawdust, where plant-based plastic packaging decomposes into the soil instead of clogging landfills and oceans. This is the world imagined by scientists in labs like the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation.

“It’s getting harder and harder to get oil. We have to drill way deeper. We have to do horizontal drilling for fracking. What are our grandchildren going to do?” says Tom Baker, chemistry professor and Canada Research Chair in Catalysis Science for Energy Applications. A research Chair in Green Chemistry would support research on chemical catalysts to replace energy-intensive industrial processes with cleaner and more efficient techniques.

The Faculty of Medicine is planning to fund 10 new research chairs in order to continue recruiting top researchers in Ottawa’s areas of strength, including surgery, anaesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology and family medicine.

Across the University, our priorities include aging, neuroethics, suicide prevention, pain medicine, knowledge transfer, health economics, nutrition, green chemistry, pharmaceutical science, food sovereignty and security, immigration and homelessness. 


uOttawa Research Fund

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Financially support the research priorities of the University of Ottawa.

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