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Industry And Academia

As a global powerhouse in photonics research, uOttawa received a $20,000 fellowship to foster innovation.

“As an alumnus of the University of Ottawa, I’m proud that the place I chose to work and a place I chose to study are coming together to build a world-renowned research institution and a world-renowned research company.” – Sebastien Dignard, general manager of Xerox Services and Industry Marketing

Photonics—the study of the properties of light and its interaction with matter—has almost unlimited potential to deliver more accurate medical diagnoses, increase the speed of communications, create more efficient solar energy cells and transmit information more securely. As a global powerhouse in photonics research and one of the top 10 research-intensive universities in Canada, the University of Ottawa was the natural recipient for a $20,000 annual fellowship from Xerox Canada to foster innovation in this emerging specialty.

The fellowship for doctoral-level research in photonics and geosciences will bolster capacity in the entire field to produce highly trained, curious and creative researchers. “Any investment that can help research and development will eventually develop human capacity and increase the knowledge that we have, and it enriches the pool of students and eventually employees that we have for our Canadian R&D facilities,” says Sebastien Dignard, general manager of Xerox Services and Industry Marketing.

As one of the top 100 investors in research and development in Canada, Xerox is always interested in the practical application of this research. One such application is an advanced fingerprinting identification system that global law enforcement agencies use—the result of spectrum photonics discoveries by the company’s own researchers.

Dignard, a University of Ottawa alumnus, is excited about the breakthrough research that faculty, students and post-doctoral fellows will conduct at the University of Ottawa’s new Advanced Research Complex, which Xerox also supports. “We want to see research institutions like the University of Ottawa continue to push the envelope and continue to invest in innovation,” says Dignard. “It’s not only good for the University and for the company, it’s good for the country.”



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