Students for Canada's North

A student volunteer working with a group of children at a community centre in the Northwest Territories.
Students for Canada's North

uOttawa students are volunteering to help improve northern communities through education and community-based projects.

The SNC program was created at the Centre for Global and Community Engagement in December 2012. The program’s goal is to respond to needs identified by northern communities themselves, with an emphasis on projects that help disadvantaged groups in these communities the most.

For example, a project in the Northwest Territories had a main objective of supporting subsistence practices, nutrition education and cultural continuity. Already, a follow-up community service project involving research supported by a uOttawa professor and students is in the design stage and will provide an opportunity for further progress.

Opportunities to Learn, Share and Grow

Project ideas come from northern communities, institutions working in the North, and students and professors specializing in this area. New initiatives can also be built on previous years’ results. Once projects are selected, students spend four to six month carrying out their ideas in communities across northern Canada under the supervision of faculty and partner organization project leaders.

Each student or group of students then prepares a report on the project’s objectives, results and lessons learned, to be shared with the larger uOttawa community. The Centre organizes an annual lessons-learned networking workshop or students, faculty, Aboriginal leaders and others in the business and the social service sectors to showcase the program’s accomplishments.

Help Us Get There

In planning these community service learning opportunities, it is important for us that the student volunteers not burden the communities in which they work with the high cost of living and travelling in the North. Your donations can help us ensure that the costs for travel, accommodation and living expenses for each student are fully covered. Funding may also be used to provide seed money to community partners to sustain projects benefits once the uOttawa students leave.

Student Financial Assistance

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Financially support the students of the University of Ottawa

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