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The University’s annual Employee Giving program seeks to engage faculty, support staff and retirees in support of student-focused initiatives.

In 2016, the program completed its fifth year. Since 2012, the employee participation rate has more than doubled, from 16% to 33%.

Last year, more than 1,300 uOttawa current and retired employees donated to a variety of funds that seek to enhance the student experience. It is difficult to determine the exact number of students who have directly benefitted from this generosity, as donations have been distributed among over 300 initiatives, including scholarships, financial aid and research programs.

Guillaume Cossette has been working at the University of Ottawa since 2013, in the Faculty of Arts. He immediately saw a way to help students by donating to a fund that allows the University to purchase student artwork and display it on campus.

Cossette is the marketing and communications manager of the Faculty of Arts. Although not a uOttawa alumnus, he says he gives “because others before me gave generously, and I benefited when I was a student.”

Cecilia Tellis has a long history with the University of Ottawa, first as an employee and then as a student as well. Tellis made her first donation in 2011 and has been a loyal donor ever since. She donates to the University of Ottawa Library Bursary for l’ÉSIS and the Library Technology Improvement Fund because she believes in students.

Tellis is currently the Head (Interim) of the Management Library. “I give,” she says, “because campus engagement builds community.”

Cossette and Tellis are just two of the many members of the University of Ottawa community who are committed to creating an environment in which students can excel throughout their programs and pursue research in a field that excites them. It’s easy and simple to join them — you can donate bi-monthly through employee payroll or pension payroll deductions.

Employee Giving program donations are distributed among 83 funds aimed at supporting students. Whether they support scholarships or student initiatives, all funds share a common goal: to have a positive impact and enhance the student experience.

The Employee Giving program plays an integral role in Defy the Conventional: The Campaign for uOttawa. Please join us in strengthening our teaching, our research and our service.

The employees can make a donation by logging in to VirtuO.

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