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Civil Law students participating in a mock trial

Law affects all aspects of our economy, government and daily life. We need to educate legal professionals and leaders able to work in a multidisciplinary fashion to tackle our era’s great questions of law and inequality. 

Your support will help us shape the future of the legal professional and train civil lawyers with a deep commitment to the public good. 

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“This scholarship is for students who want to be young rebels like me! If I can have the chance to help them, I will!”

Trang Dai Nguyen

— Lawyer

A message from Dean Marie-Eve Sylvestre, SJD

“During my term, I would like to develop and promote educational and research projects that lead to our students and professors being involved in society’s debates, to becoming critical thinkers, but also pragmatic, involved in solving problems affecting our communities, in teams that dare to question established practice and propose innovative solutions to social problems.”  

Dean Marie-Eve Sylvestre, SJD

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