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More than 6000 students enrolled in one of 11 Undergraduate and 22 Graduate programs of study

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We want students to thrive in an environment that promotes excellence in applied learning, ethical practice, and responsibility towards society.

Your support can make a world of difference, whether it be a scholarship, new equipment, or even just some advice.

Together we can help make the future by providing more opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

Simon Nehme
uOttawa Donor

“My wife Clara and I recognize the importance of empowering students through innovation and collaboration, especially during such a crucial time in the world, is truly an honour.”

Simon Nehme

— Alumnus, entrepreneur and philanthropist

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Together we can help make the future 

Your support will enable students to reach their full potential within a thriving network of professionals who are reshaping industry.​

Your donation can make a difference to better the world.
Midia Shiekh Hussein

“Support from alumni and donors helped to provide me with access to cutting-edge technology, along with the skills and confidence to use it.”

Midia Shiekh Hussein

— Alumni

The University of Ottawa’s Faulty of Engineering is one of the premier engineering schools in the country. Over 6000 students (enrolled in one of 11 Undergraduate and 22 Graduate programs of study) attend uOttawa Engineering for the faculty’s expertise, research and leadership. 

Message from Dean​ Beauvais

The world is facing a multitude of increasingly complex challenges: climate change, digital transformation, and resource insecurity to name just a few. These challenges call for sound, smart solutions, as well as the creativity, innovation, and multi-disciplinary skills required to apply these designs in the best manner possible.

More (and more relevantly trained) engineers and computer scientists are urgently needed. Investing in them, their education, and their skills, is a gift which will benefit everyone.

Dean​ Beauvais

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