Accessibility and accommodation

Our commitment
To accessibility

The University of Ottawa respects the dignity and autonomy of every staff and faculty member, student and visitor. We strive to ensure that people living with a disability enjoy free and unfettered access to University goods, services, facilities, housing and jobs.

To accommodation

The University of Ottawa creates conditions for access to employment that take individuals and their differences into account. We believe in the right to equality and make sure that standards and access criteria are non-discriminatory.  We encourage an inclusive work environment, and implement accommodation measures that help meet this goal. We integrate notions of equality in the workplace by adopting regulations and procedures on human rights and following provincial laws.

The University of Ottawa also combats stereotypes and provides a welcoming workplace for people with a disability.

While they may be separate concepts, accessibility and accommodation are closely related. The University of Ottawa integrates both on campus in all areas.

For more information, consult the guidelines on accommodation measures for University staff (PDF).

Laws and regulations

The University follows federal and provincial laws, as well as municipal regulations.

Resources and help
Accessibility resources

Bureau des droits de la personne
Tel. : 613-562-5222


We guarantee that all written, oral or phone messages will remain confidential. Please note that we will not follow up on anonymous messages

Accommodation resources

Health, Wellness and Leave, Human Resources
Tel : 613-562-5800, ext. 1473
Fax : 613-562-5120
Email :


To ensure a safe and accessible environment for all, the University of Ottawa follows the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

The University offers accessibility training to faculty and administrative staff, contractors, volunteers and others dealing with members of the public wishing to avail themselves of University goods or services (students, retirees, visitors, etc.). This training is also given to anyone involved in developing policies, practices and procedures dealing with the provision of goods and services.

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