Career development fund

  • The University supports the principle of human resource development and career planning by providing career development opportunities to the support staff in order to meet both individual and organizational goals.
  • Career development is the responsibility of the employee. However, the University will endeavour to support the initiatives of employees to meet their career goals within the University.
  • This program does not apply to training related to the regular position of the employee, which is the responsibility of the University through the individual sectors/units. Reference will be made to the job description to ensure that the career development sought is not a requirement for the regular position of the employee.
Purpose of the fund

The Fund exists to reimburse expenses for University-related career development courses/activities, incurred by members of the support staff in order to:

  • Provide opportunities for career advancement.
  • Encourage staff members to obtain additional education and qualifications that will further their career development within the University.
Definition of Career Development
  • Development activities designed to prepare employees for other positions within the University.
  • Development activities which may increase the employees' ability to meet the potential requirements of their career orientation and of the University's future employment positions.
  • Development activities related to temporary assignments presently held.
Eligibility Requirements
  • The employee must hold a regular established position at the University. Members of the union group 772B - Trades, Grounds and Transport are eligible to submit their requests to the Career Development Fund. An employee paid through a grant may apply; however, approval will depend on the availability of funds in the grant and will be subject to approval by the supervisor.
  • The employee must have accumulated at least one year of recognized service in a regular position at the University of Ottawa.
  • The supervisor must attest that the employee's performance is satisfactory, or: the employee's performance appraisal submitted to the Human Resources Service must be satisfactory and up-to-date.
Eligible Activities
In house activities

Career development activities (courses, workshops) offered by the University of Ottawa that are non-credit and are not related to the regular position of the applicant as described in the job description.

External activities

Career development activities (courses, workshops) that are offered by other institutions and are not related to the regular position of the applicant as described in the job description; these activities can be both credit and non-credit.

Other activities

All employees are eligible for courses and workshops related to :

  • Languages (official languages and others)
  • Interpersonal communications
Expenses allowed for course manuals

A maximum of $500 from the $1,500 allowance can be used for the purchase of mandatory course manuals related to the activity, once the funds have been approved for the approved activity. If the amount is higher, the employee must pay the difference


The activities/fees not funded by the Career Development Fund are:

  • Travel expenses
  • Conferences
  • Training for standing committees
  • Cancellation fees of courses or workshops
Selection criteria

The selection criteria are, in order of priority :

  • First-come first-served, according to the date of reception of the form;
  • Employees whose job has been abolished;
  • Relevance and future availability of the activity;
  • Seniority of the employee at the University.
Time limits
  • Applicants must submit their registration form at least 10 working days before the activity.
  • A request may be refused if the delay of 10 working days is not respected.
  • A decision will be given to applicants within reasonable delay.
Release Time

If time away from normal work hours to attend a workshop or course is required, and if the workshop or credit courses is taken outside of the University, the release time is two days per year paid by the University. Any additional time needed for career development can be made up at the straight time rate.

The employee must obtain approval in advance from the supervisor. Authorization for the absence is at the discretion of the sector; the decision should take into consideration the needs of both the employee and the sector in terms of workload priorities.

Amount of Assistance

The amount to be disbursed for reimbursements from the Career Development Fund is not to exceed one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) per employee per fiscal year. Of that amount, a maximum of $500 may be used for mandatory course manuals for an activity that has been approved by Career Development Funds. An employee must pay the difference if the cost exceeds $1,500. This amount will be reviewed every year by the Career Development Fund Committee.

Any monies not used by the year end will be carried over to the Career Development Fund of the following budgetary year.

Interpretation & Exceptions

Interpretation of this program will be the responsibility of the Director of the Human Resources Service.

Exceptions will be approved by the Career Development Fund Committee.

Procedure for registration and reimbursement
Registration (before the training)

At least ten working days before registering for the training activity, you must complete the Section A of the Registration Form and return it to the Training and Development Sector of the Human Resources Service accompanied with:

  • Documentation giving a brief description of the training activity;
  • The exact cost of the activity

 NB: Both the employee and the supervisor must sign the registration form for the following reasons:

  • to attest that the activity is not related to the current position
  • to attest that the activity is related to a career development within the University
  • to approve time off (TWO WORKING DAYS PER YEAR on University time); if applicable

The Career Development Fund committee will check eligibility and will inform the applicant within a reasonable time limit.

A request may be refused if the delay of ten working days is not respected.

If the request is approved, the employee registers and pays for the activity.

Reimbursement (after the training)

After completion of the course, the employee must return this form with:

  • the section B) reimbursement duly completed
  • proof of attendance or completion (for credit courses)
  • proof of PAYMENT (original receipt)

The amount will be reimbursed by cheque. MAXIMUM: $1,500 per year (includes amount of up to $500 for mandatory)

Registration and reimbursement
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