Job shadowing

What is it?

Job shadowing allows participants to learn by doing, namely by spending a day shadowing a peer. This method of career development helps participants to acquire skills and directly enriches the student and employee experience.

In addition to learning more about the activities of one area of the University, participating employees can network with, and learn from, their peers, confirm their interests in a given type of job, and add to their personal and career development.

Who is it for?

All administrative staff members working at the University of Ottawa are eligible for job shadow.

What are the main topics covered?
  • Personnel and records management
  • Preservation of the University’s archival documents
  • Student counselling
  • Writing administrative and research reports
  • Customer service
  • Computer tools or technologies
How does it work?

The shadowing employee observes a peer within his/her team (a colleague, manager, director) or an employee from another work area. The shadowing employee and a CODL counsellor agree to a series of development goals and on the work area where this person will “work” during that day. During shadowing, an employee gains new knowledge or deepens existing knowledge of the workplace, and by being present and observing an employee at work, can confirm their budding interest in this type of job. Moreover, this form of learning is conducive to networking. Following the shadowing experience, the participant discusses it with his/her supervisor and regular colleagues, and is encouraged to reflect on his/her future career paths.

Who are the resource persons?

The resource persons are those employees who are in positions that the shadowing employee will observe during the shadowing day. They greet the employee, answer questions and organize career -related activities to meet the shadowing employee’s goals for the day.

For more information

Employees who would like to participate in job shadowing must obtain their supervisor`s approval and then submit a request to:
Centre for Organizational Development and Learning (CODL)
Tel.: 613-562-5800 ext. 1543

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