What is it?

The University of Ottawa offers a mentorship program to its employees as part of their learning and career development to help them realize their potential.

Mentorship is an interpersonal relationship based on supporting, sharing and learning, in which an experienced person shares his/her acquired wisdom and expertise to help develop another individual’s skills and help them reach their career goals. 
(based on a definition found at Mentorat Québec (in French only))

Who is it for?

Mentorship is aimed at administrative staff members who wish to adapt to a new position or explore a new career path.

What are the main topics covered?

Participants in the mentorship program choose a variety of fields in which they wish to learn skills and benefit from the experiences of a mentor. For example:

  • fitting into a new role
  • better understanding how the University works and building a network
  • gaining more knowledge about networking
  • changing career paths
  • outlining a career path at the University
How does it work?

The mentor-mentee relationship requires regular meetings. The mentor and mentee establish specific goals to be achieved by the mentee (depending on the fields chosen), on how to achieve these goals, and that the mentee will work on these goals for the duration of the relationship. They also agree on the frequency of meetings and the way in which they will communicate. Generally, at the beginning of the relationship, the recommended frequency of meeting is once every two weeks, and afterwards this frequency is extended to once every four-to-six weeks. The duration of a mentorship relationship will vary, depending on the mentee’s progress, but it generally lasts about 12 months.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are senior managers, managers and employees with several years’ experience at the University of Ottawa. They wish to share their knowledge, help their successors improve and give back to the institution. 

For more information

Employees who would like to participate in the mentorship program must obtain their supervisor’s approval and then submit the appropriate registration form to:  
Centre for Organizational Development and Learning (CODL)
Tel. : 613-562-5800, ext 1543

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