Peer Learning

What is it?

Peer learning clinics are based on an action-learning theory. They involve small groups of four to six people led by a professional. These clinics help participants face issues and challenges in the workplace in a collaborative way that involves all members in reflection and participation. In addition, these groups aim to develop the participants’ coaching skills so they can benefit from these skills in their workplaces.

The clinics promote self-awareness and allow for hands-on learning. They aim to foster reflection and discussion among group members and to encourage them to take concrete steps. These clinics help employees to develop their professional skills in a lasting way, and to become more self-sufficient, responsible and better performing, while fostering a better understanding of themselves and others.

Who are they for?

These clinics target administrative staff members who are interested in hands-on learning to help them overcome challenges and face work-related issues.

What topics are covered?
  • Service excellence
  • A new approach to leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Fostering creativity
  • Project management
  • Staff development in the workplace
What types of clinics are offered?

The CODL hosts peer learning clinics in response to various professional development needs:

  • A clinic as follow-up to a workshop
  • A clinic on a specific topic
  • A clinic as part of a tailored intervention to address a team’s specific needs
Who are the facilitators?

Peer learning clinics are facilitated by administrative staff members who have been specially trained to do so. They also participate in professional development activities

For more information

Employees who are interested in attending a peer learning clinic must obtain their supervisor`s approval and then submit a request to:
Centre for Organizational Development and Learning (CODL)
Tel.: 613-562-5800 ext. 1543

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