Performance Management

Enabling people to thrive in a changing workplace.

Why are we Modernizing Performance Management?

After ten years, the performance management program for administrative and support staff is due for a change! The pandemic has taught us that simplicity and clarity are key to being agile. Two University of Ottawa Stay Healthy & Connected pulse surveys and our summer 2021 listening tour showed that we need to focus more on the following:

  • Developing our people
  • Clarifying priorities, expectations and workload
  • Finding work-life balance
  • Recognizing people’s work contributions.

In order for the University of Ottawa and the employees to thrive, we also need to

  • Improve our strategic alignment between individual, team and organizational goals in order to achieve Transformation 2030
  • Strengthen our ability to manage resources in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world
  • Leverage contribution and impact that people have on the organization
  • Create a culture of learning, coaching, development in order to realize our full potential

In light of this feedback, the University of Ottawa will modernize and update its employee performance management program.

Benefits of a new performance management

The previous performance program was mainly focused on the data storage system (I.e. Halogen) and had an  assessment and evaluation approach to performance . The interim  performance management program is a shift away from filling out form in a storage system to a focus  on work priorities, and what employees require to grow, develop and deliver.  uOttawa’s interim performance management program will yield the following benefits:

  • Strengthening people from start to finish, from the first day of work until retirement, for an internship or a temp placement, in whatever capacity you work at the University. This modern, more agile approach will help clarify your work and your development.
  • Showing how people matter because done well, performance management helps you understand your strengths and contributions and see clearly where opportunities for improvement are.
  • Developing competencies that help us achieve the broad vision of Transformation 2030 together.
  • Supporting alignment of individual goals and objectives with University goals and objectives.
  • Transforming potential into results, and improving our ability to provide good service.
  • Supporting staff in this “grow back better” phase, to lead connected, healthy and rich lives at uOttawa.

Phases of Performance Management Modernization

Milestones for the performance management modernization project

Project Phases

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