Transformation 2030 Competency Framework

The competency framework includes 20 transversal competencies.  This framework was developed to provide a common understanding of the skills, knowledge, abilities and/or behavioral characteristics required to achieve Transformation 2030, regardless of our specific function.  This framework is intended for all administrative and support staff.  The competencies are organized according to the Transformation 2030 strategic pillars. 

How this framework was developped

Literature review and exhaustive consultations have been done in order to present you this competency framework.  At the University of Ottawa, 61 people actively participated in working sessions to validate this framework.  Twenty-six services and six faculties were represented. 


You have questions?

The Leadership, learning and organizational development team will be happy to answer your questions

What are the learning supports to develop these competencies?

Once you have identified the competency(cies) that you would like to develop, there are different learning supports that you can benefit from.  Be curious and don’t hesitate to explore different options, inside or outside of the University. 

Here are some options offered by the Human Resources – Leadership, Learning and Organizational Development

Additional learning support that you can benefit from:
  • Tuition fees support for regular courses or programs study at the University of Ottawa (click on your employee group - additional benefits – tuition fee support)
  • Reading - University of Ottawa Library
  • Consult web resources (feeds, posts, videos, podcasts, blogs, etc.)
  • Gain feedback from managers and peers
  • Share resources and experiences with your team and other people
  • Be part of professional networks and/or create your own
  • Find and/or propose opportunities to develop on the job e.g. through special project and assignments
  • Participate in webinars, live chats, networking events.
  • Find an external mentor
  • Be part of committees
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